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What is ^ in Ruby Syntax? (Shopify scripts example)

Solution:This is a boolean XOR operator. href="" rel="nofollow noreferrer">
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We can see the changes when we access it using Preview store but not live in shopify

Solution:I've resolved the issue as it needs to get published. I am new to Shopify, that's why didn't know it and
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Shopify Storefront API error Delegate Access Token

Solution:Maybe you just need to change delegateAccessScope: to delegate_access_scope per doc, href="" rel="nofollow noreferrer"> { "delegate_access_scope": [ "write_orders" ], "expires_in": 3600 }
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Shopify Scripts: Rejected discount is not considered

Solution:I don't think you need to reject the discount code at all. You can simply add a condition that controls when
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Shopify Admin API create customer has odd response

Solution:Query Operation in Shopify GraphQL are type of get request where you can only get the demanded query list. To edit or
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arrays - Adding liquid schema settings to string

Solution:I'm not totally following what you are trying to do but you cannot nest a liquid output statement {{ }} inside
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Collections page is not showing in shopify

Solution:@pete has solved the issue with his suggestion. The problem was the widget we have used to filter collections. We converted collections.liquid
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javascript - Can no longer scroll with keys unless an element is selected

Solution:Not really knowing Shopify, I'd suggest using {-code-1} to log which element has the focus after the page loads. console.log({-code-1}); Starting from there,
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javascript - How do add basic form validation to Shopify Liquid?

Solution:No need to get into JavaScript. Just add required in form with validation through regular expression in html tag. Required isn't
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javascript - Shopify API in node.js/React. How to read and write API in Shopify App?

Solution:The biggest issue is that your GET URL on the FE is incorrect. Your server is running on localhost/ngrok, so to
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