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javascript - how do you add data to .json file

How would you add data to a .json file that is already on a website? I kinda of get how you
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liquid - Changing the URL for blogs on Shopify

I was wondering if it was possible to change the default URL for blogs. Our client has recipes and would like
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javascript - Shopify Pixel Extension - exit code 1

I wanted to create a web pixel extension for my shopify app, so I followed the instructions on the official shopify
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Am I able to create an SSO that uses firebase as the idP for my Shopify store?

How can I use firebase as an idP when authenticating customers logging into a Shopify store. I want users to sign up
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hyperlink - How to Solve orphan page and canonical issue for my ecom store?

I am using an ahref tool for crawling our and this shows a canonical has no incoming internal links and also
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Shopify Gecko theme, I can not change mobile menu heading

I want to change the mobile menu heading title for this Gecko 5.0 theme. In their theme customizer there is no
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reactjs - Shopify Polaris button disappear the color after save the code

I have a DataPicker and a Primary Button from Shopify Polaris with Tailwind.css . But the colors disappear when I save
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aws event bridge - Attempting to subscribe to a Shopify Webhook w/AWS EventBridge produces error: "Address is an AWS ARN and includes api_client_id 'x' instead of 'y'"

I'm running this request through Postman. Some posts to the Shopify developer forum (e.g., href="" rel="nofollow noreferrer">this one) express without
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Retrieve value from customer note (Liquid Shopify)

I've added fields to customer registration form like this: {-code-1} {-code-2} How would I be able to retrieve only one fields value, which is
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Laravel unable to get HTTP_X_SHOPIFY_HMAC_SHA256 header from shopify

I've been following the documentation for the href="" rel="nofollow noreferrer">webhook verification to get our app verified and keep getting error
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